Ep53: It’s a video about Video

In today’s episode, Ray talks about his favorite video capture tool and lo and behold James is thinking about Minecraft. Meanwhile special Guest Rob Garrot shows us some great video tools and his tips for getting the most out of a low budget situation. And Morten, our resident Nordish Canadian gives his 2 cents about the big game with the pigskin ball.

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EP50: Obi Wan has taught me well

And we’re back on this, our first episode of the year. In this special WordPress episode, Morten and Ray talk about the new website, which was haphazardly put together by the least experienced WordPress user… Ray, so we talk about Plug-ins, content types, SEO, badly mangled CSS and the best way to do things.

Relevant links:

Tools for changing permalink structures in existing WordPress sites:

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Ep48: The Year-end Live Episode

It’s the end of the year and we’ve got a special treat. Traversing thousands of miles, both Ray and Morten get to do an episode side by side and pulling all the stops, we invited two special guests: Justin Seeley and Aaron Quigley. Secretly shooting this at one our LIVE lynda.com studios, you’re in for a treat. We dedicate this show to Education, flipping the classroom and more.

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